Our entire ice cream universe is based on science. Milk, cream and sugar have to be combined in the perfect way. This way we assure the perfect creamy texture and flavour release in the ice creams. The recipes are based on Østerberg's scientific Master thesis from University of Copenhagen and University of Guelph in Canada.

Freshly produced

All our ice creams, sorbets and cones are freshly produced by hand. The ice creams are specifically developed to not be too sweet or fatty, but have a higher protein and fruit content than many other ice creams. The sorbets are vegan and contain a lot of fruit!

Taste the world

We made it our mission to provide unique taste experiences for our guests. We do that by combining flavours from all over the world in our ice creams and sorbets. This means, you can find jackfruit, durian, red dragonfruit as well as strawberry, elderflower and sea buckthorn in our display.

"Østerberg Ice cream. The jackfruit sorbet is great and they make the best pistachio ice cream in town."

(the Economist 2019)

René Redzepi, Noma

"Cathrine Østerberg makes good ice cream. Really good ice cream. And she is not afraid to challenge people with more exotic flavours."

(Magasinet Lækkerier 2019)

Timm Vladimir, danish food entrepreneur

"Nothing is left to chance, and the innovation plays an important role when developing new flavour combinations."

(Diploma of honour 2015)

The Danish Gastronomical Academy