Cathrine Østerberg has always loved ice cream. In fact she loved it so much, that she got her first job as an ice cream scooper in Kerteminde, when she was only thirteen years old. Lots of ice cream, freshly baked cones, long days and hard work wasn’t going to scare her away from the the ice cream. The interest in foods was awaken, and eventually led to her moving to Copenhagen to study Food science and later Gastronomy and Health at the University of Copenhagen.

As her Master thesis, Cathrine went to Canada, where one of the leading ice cream scientists belong (Professor Douglas Goff). Here she researched the food chemical part of ice cream structure and the ice cream recipes were completed.

As you know, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Her father, Niels Østerberg, started Orana in 1999 – which originates from the former juice factory in Rynkeby, Denmark. Orana has grown continuously and has subsidiaries in Vietnam, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Kenya. This has made Orana one of the leading fruit companies in the world. Through all this, Cathrine has gained a broad knowledge and understanding of many fruits, plants, extracts and spices from around the world. She has been lucky to be able to join some of these journies, and is therefore able to offer her guests the flavor of fruits from all over the world through delicious, refreshing ice cream.

The combination of a passionate ice cream-nerd and an experienced fruit-connoisseur, resulted an amazing ice cream of high quality. Østerberg Ice Cream.