Freshly produced

When we do something, we do it right.

The ice cream needs to be flavorful and it needs to taste good. We ensure this by using delicous ingredients and lots of them!

And we make sure that our ice cream and cones are freshly produced in small batches, to allow the craft from the ice cream maker and the cone baker to really shine through. This way we asure that everything is exactly as we want it to be. 

We believe, that a high level of hygiene is as essential as high quality ingredients. This is why we always bring the fruits and berries to a quick boil to kill possible pathogenic microorganisms. The taste is also more clear and characteristic, when the fruits are heated up.

To us, delicious ingredients mean, that we do not use any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. However we do not claim, that we do not use any additives - because we do use natural additives, when it is necessary. This way we assure that the ice cream is creamy and delicious.

A large part of our ingredients are organic, but we do not compromise on flavour or quality to make 100% organic products.